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The End of Mr. Turtle

I struggled with how to continue with this story. As readers of this blog know, I had great hopes of Mr. Turtle ringing in the beginning of spring as he had done so many times in the past. It was … Continue reading

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The Mr. Turtle Spring Update!

Two consecutive days of temperatures in the 60’s made it feel like spring to just about everyone around here. Yet Mr. Turtle still sleeps. I’m hoping that this isn’t Mr. Turtle’s last resting place and he’ll soon tell us that … Continue reading

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Groundhogs, Spring, and Mr. Turtle

Phil lives in Punxsutawney. You may have heard of him. A fuzzy critter who talks to guys that still dress in top hats and tells them how much winter there’s left every February 2nd. Phil even has his own web … Continue reading

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