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I’ll see you later…..

It’s Sunday evening. For nearly every Sunday evening for I don’t remember how many years, I’d be sitting beside my dad, visiting, watching TV, discussing life in general. Mom told me how much he enjoyed those visits and I enjoyed … Continue reading

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2014 York Nostalgia Nationals

Okay, that’s an awesome Hurst Olds I’m seeing before my eyes. Not far away is Miss Hurst herself, Linda Vaughn. Arnie “The Farmer” Beswick’s tiger-schemed Pontiac GTO is in the pit area. There can only be two possibilities that fit … Continue reading

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1st Rocking Chair Nationals! 2014

I remember it like it was yesterday. My buddy’s older brother invited the two of us along with him to the drag strip to race his ’67 Nova. I didn’t quite understand it on that day, why he had a … Continue reading

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2014 PA Gasser Nationals

It’s official. We’ve found the fountain of youth, but it’s not something you drink like the old legends go, it’s made up of hot rod iron and racing fuel. Okay, there may be a few shots of nitrous thrown in … Continue reading

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One to Remember!

Car guys. We love our cars and respect and appreciate the fine rides of our car-loving brothers and sisters. Every now and then a certain car will turn our heads so fast our necks hurt. Such is the case with … Continue reading

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Back to Reality

Okay, you regular followers (you know who you are) know that I haven’t added a post for awhile. No, I haven’t gotten bored with the blogging thing, I’ve been up to something. It was time to write something more in-depth … Continue reading

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Steeler Camp/Steeler Nation – Simply the Best

Every member of the Steeler Nation should take in the spectacle that is Steeler Training Camp at least once in their life. With all of the hate, division, and violence in today’s world, it’s a breath of fresh air to … Continue reading

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