A Little About Me (very little)

I’m just a regular guy leading a regular life. I love cars and all things automotive. I love sports, particularly basketball and football (although I don’t see much basketball anymore). I’ve been writing for many years and, Lord willing, will be writing for a few more years to come. If you’re a subscriber to “Gasser Magazine” or read “PRI Magazine” you’ll know my work.

Now I’ve added something larger than a short story to my work. Check out “The Jesus Rock” and “The Trials of Jim Dunning” under my “Books” tab. They’re not your average works of Christian fiction. *Spoiler Alert* The title of Chapter 10 in The Trials of Jim Dunning is “Win Free Sex.” You may want to check it out!  ;o) Those are just my first two novels. They’ve been followed by “The Mysterious Tunnel,” “Project Soul,” and my latest, “The Battle.” The link on the “Books” page will lead you to more info on them if you’re brave enough.  😉

C’mon in to my blog. Sit down, relax, and enjoy yourself!

6 Responses to A Little About Me (very little)

  1. Chief says:

    That’s a little. Came over from Linkedin to check out your work. Nice job!

  2. Cassidy says:

    Pretty good stuff!! : – ) I really like part one of the story! When is the next part coming?

  3. Bob says:

    Where you at?

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