One to Remember!

Car guys. We love our cars and respect and appreciate the fine rides of our car-loving brothers and sisters. Every now and then a certain car will turn our heads so fast our necks hurt. Such is the case with John Labuda’s gorgeous ’56 Pontiac. In a nostalgic drag racing world full of Willys, Chevys, and Fords, John’s Pontiac stands out in a class by itself. Sure, we “ooohhh” and “ahhhh” over the typical ’55-’57 Chevys, but when was the last time you saw a mid-’50s Pontiac at the drag strip? The inspiration behind this great car came when John realized that he spent too much time working and decided it was time to “just have fun.” There was no doubt in John’s mind that he would build a Pontiac and being an “older guy” he wanted to build an “older car.”


For a guy that repairs lawn mowers for a living, John certainly built a top-notch ride. This car also sounds and runs as good as it looks. True to the spirit of the car, it’s powered by a 455 Pontiac engine, not a typical hot rod power plant. While this Pontiac shares some of the classic lines of it’s ’56 Chevy cousin, only doors and window glass are the same. John has owned this car for 5 years and if looks are any indication, it’s been a wonderful 5 years full of fun!

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