The Empty Chair

Graduation 2012. Your chair was empty, but you were there.

Chair 1

Your friends and classmates all around, ready for their big day, you were in their thoughts.

Their plans for service, college, or whatever might lie ahead were on their minds, but they were still remembering your smile.

Even though the speaker’s jokes brought laughter, there were still tears shed for you.

During the moment of silence in your honor they all heard your voice in their memory.

When the swish of the tassels was heard through the audience, the whisper of your spirit was there too.

Several mentioned of this being the last night they would see each other. Their last sight of you was already a memory but one that won’t be forgotten.

Through the years as families start and grow, careers flourish and fade, lives are lived, you will always be with them.

They’ve all left the stage now, the first step in pursuing the dreams they’ve had since childhood.

Your chair is still empty. You left the stage with them. You are now a memory that will live forever in their hearts and a spirit that follows them everywhere they go.

Chair 2

In memory of Ashlyn Nicole Buterbaugh 1993-2012


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One Response to The Empty Chair

  1. Gary P Jackson says:

    A sweet tribute to a beautiful woman who left this earth far too soon.

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