Nourishment – Part Two, the Thrilling Conclusion

Note: This is Part Two of a story written for a Science Fiction writing competition which required 1,000 words or less and a theme of future food. If you didn’t catch Part One, I suggest you use one of the links on this page and go back and read it first! I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I did writing it.

The pod touched down softly without incident. Sam immediately took instrument readings of air quality and gravity to back up the data from his main computer on the spaceship and found that everything still checked out. Feeling confident, yet cautious, Sam exited slowly, his eyes darting about for any signs of trouble. He walked slowly down what appeared to be Main Street in this strange, little town. Everything seemed so orderly and immaculate. Every indication said this town was well kept and occupied. Suddenly the doors on every building opened up and peculiar beings rushed out to surround him. He had seen many strange beings in his travels, but none like this. Each one had a human head atop mechanical bodies. Their arms were jointed much like a human arm, yet they had four individual tracks for motion instead of legs. Although they made no threatening moves, Sam immediately drew his two laser blasters and was ready for a battle.
“Fear not, stranger, we mean you no harm,” said the being closest to him. “My name is Traxxar. You are obviously not of our planet.”
“No, I’m not,” replied Sam, “I roam the galaxy and call no planet my home.”
“We are peaceful beings and wish to live in peace,” said Traxxar, “if you tell us of your intentions, we will do our best to accommodate you.”
“I’m just here to relax, and to replenish my supply of food for my travels.”
“You wish nourishment?” asked Traxxar “we can help you with that. Follow me to our Nourishment Center. We will give you all that you need.”
These beings seemed peaceful enough, but Sam was still skeptical. Still, their calm demeanor seemed to instill a feeling of trust as he followed them to the building they called the Nourishment Center.
“Before we fulfill your needs, you must have some liquid fortifier first,” said Traxxar handing Sam a tall glass of fluid. Sam was skeptical and used his portable scanner to make sure the concoction was not poisonous before raising the glass to his lips and taking a long sip. Sam immediately lost consciousness.
He slowly opened his eyes realizing he had been unconscious, although he did not know for how long. His eyes widened with horror as he rose what he thought was his hand. Instead it was a mechanical arm just like the other beings. Looking into a mirror, he saw that he was now like them, only his head remaining.
“Ah, you are awake again stranger, you can now have your nourishment,” said Traxxar.
“What have you done to me?” screamed Sam.
“You wished nourishment and we are giving it to you. Long ago we discovered how to convert our bodies into a lifelong supply of nourishment so we would not have to take from our environment. This box contains your converted body and it will last you a lifetime. Enjoy!”

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